Why Church? (Matthew 16)

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Why Church?
There are some things that we do without thinking about it very much. Breathing is a good example. Most likely, you did not have to consciously make yourself breathe when you woke up this morning. You do it because it comes naturally, and you don’t think much about it. But if you were forced to stop and think about it, you would remember just how important breathing is.
Maybe coming to church is like that for you. Perhaps you didn’t give much thought to why you came to church or how important it really is. Maybe you came simply out of habit, or duty, or for good luck, or just out of curiosity. Or it could be that you are here today because you understand the importance of the church and want to serve God and honor Him by participating in this Divine institution ordained by the Lord Jesus Christ.
Beginning today and for the next few weeks, I want to ask and answer questions like, What is the church? Why does it exist? Why should we get involved in all the things that a church does? Why should we go faithfully? Why should we join? Why should we give money to the church? Why should we pray for the church?
In short, I want to answer the question, “Why church?” We begin with the big answer to that big question: the church exists because Jesus wants it to. The church is so important to Jesus that He began the church, He bought the church, and He is still building the church. If Jesus is important to you, then the church should be important to you, because the church is important to Jesus.