Thy Money Perish With Thee (Acts 8:9-25)

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Have you ever noticed how expensive it is to exist? Money is not evil. It is quite handy to have most
of the time. Nor it is not sin to be wealthy. but it is a sin to live for money. It is a sin to trust in
riches. it is a sin to measure your worth or the value of others based on material things.
But we live in such a materialistic world and Christians are not immune to materialism. The church
at Laodicea was materialistic. They said, “I am rich and increased of goods and have need of
nothing” when in reality they were wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked. They had to learn to
find true treasures in God instead of their money and their possessions.
In acts 8 we read of a man names Simon who had to learn that money cannot buy spiritual
blessings. His story is a great lesson to us that God is not impressed with our wealth and we cannot
pay our way to spiritual blessings.