Growing Pain

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One of our church themes this year is growing. God created us to grow physically. But with that growth often comes times of pain. We call it growing pains. A baby might experience teething pain. We may feel pain while lifting weights to build muscle. Muscles grow stronger by working them harder. Our church should be exercising its spiritual muscles to grow as well.
Christians can expect to experience growing pains in spiritual growth as well. God allows these growing pains of hardship, suffering and even hurt because He loves us and according to Romans 8:29 He is conforming us to the image of His Son Jesus. As God allows our church to grow, we can expect growing pains. The early church dealt with hardship, persecution, and suffering as part of God’s plan to build His church. We are going to have growing pains, by living our life God’s way, times of pain will bring the growth God desires to see in our church.