Giving As An Act of Worship

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“Give unto the LORD the glory due
unto his name: bring an offering,
and come before him: worship the
LORD in the beauty of holiness.”
(1 Chronicles 16:29) Everyone is
worshipping something. Even the
most irreverent, ungodly atheist
engages in worship. Webster
defines “worship” this way: “To
adore; to pay divine honors to;
to reverence with supreme respect
and veneration.” Worship is when
you demonstrate your devotion to
someone or something by giving the
most and the best of your time and
treasure to it. The idea of giving is
so connected with worship that we
cannot even imagine a form of
worship that doesn’t involve some
aspect of giving. Even those who
do not worship the true God
understand that worship involves
giving of offerings and sacrifices.
They do it to appease their false
gods and earn their favor, but it
shows that God has put into the
conscience of man the knowledge
that giving is a part of worship. As
Christians, we too should give as
an act of worship to the Lord. We
should give thanks, we should give
praise, and we should give money.
We do not give to earn God’s favor,
nor do we give expecting God to
bless us with great and greater
wealth. We should give to the
Lord because God means so
much to us. When we give tithes
and offerings in obedience to
the teachings of God’s Word, we
are showing that we take God
seriously and that He means
enough to us that we are willing
to part with our hard earned
dollars to honor Him.