The Generational Impact of Motherhood

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How much is a mother worth? The question seems almost disrespectful to ask, because they are priceless. completed a survey in 2021 “tracking real-time market prices of all the jobs that moms perform. The result? The median annual salary for stay-at-home moms [was] $184,820.”
But in a strange twist of irony, many mothers doubt whether the hard work, long hours, and sometimes frustrating monotony of motherhood is worth it. The modern ideal of a career woman who climbs corporate ladders, earns large salaries, and live free to do as she pleases tempts women to think that making motherhood a priority is somehow inferior.
A godly mother will have a positive impact that will last for generations. A mother has influence on her children, her grandchildren, and everyone that is touched by their lives. The ripple effect of a mother’s faith will encircle more and more people as time goes on.
We see proof of this in the testimony of two women in the Bible particularly. Both had such an impact one young man’s life that the Holy Spirit commended them in the pages of scripture. The young man’s name was Timothy, and the women were Lois and Eunice, his grandmother and mother. Their godly testimony became a blessing on countless souls through the life of Timothy. On this mother’s day, each mother must recognize that she if having an impact on generations to come and use her influence by God’s grace to lead others to follow the Lord.