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Worship God: Intentionally

Worship God: Intentionally
Sunday AM

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God created the universe in six literal twenty-four hour days and then rested on the seventh day.  This simple truth from Genesis chapter one establishes the basis for a weekly Sabbath, taking one day out of seven and dedicating it to rest and rejuvenation, both physically and spiritually. Under the Mosaic law, the Sabbath days were designated as days of worship and instruction.  Sacrifices and offering were to be brought on the Sabbaths and the people were to be taught the Word of God. 

This pattern of regular times of intentional rest and spiritual focus continues into the New Testament, though we now designate the first day of the week, “The Lord’s day,” as the day for rest and worship.  The letter of this law was fulfilled by Christ, but the spirit of it still holds.  We should set aside regular times in our schedule for spiritual and physical refreshment.  Physically we are refreshed by rest and spiritually we are refreshed through worship.  

Sadly, our culture of perpetual motion has eroded the significance of this day so that now, to many people, it is little more than just another day off to get projects done around the house, watch a game, or spend time at the lake with friends and family.  Few people actually see it as a chance to recharge their spiritual batteries and prepare for another week of spiritual labor.  We should worship God intentionally by participating in the regular, organized, corporate worship of God.  Doing so helps keep us spiritually refreshed and able to serve the Lord faithfully.