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Worship God: Exclusively

Worship God: Exclusively
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Worship God: Exclusively

There are many terms that define different beliefs in
 God.  Among them are “atheism,” the belief that there is
no God, “monotheism,” the belief that there is only one
God, and “polytheism,” the belief that there are many
gods. The official research tells us that monotheism is
still the most common belief in America but atheism is
steadily gaining ground.  However, if we study how
people live and not just the answers they give to pollsters,
it would seem that the reality is far different.  Many people
are actually worshiping many gods.

To begin with, we must define what a “god” is. 
One dictionary definition is “any person or thing exalted
too much in estimation, or deified and honored as the chief
good.”  Practically speaking, a “god” is anything to which
people devote themselves to have their needs met.  Those
needs can range from material needs to the deepest inner
need to find meaning in life.  The worshiper shows his
devotion through prayers (seeking to have needs met),
sacrifices (giving things in the hopes of having needs met),
and praise (showing gratitude for having needs met). 

If we examine America in this light, we must conclude
that it is a polytheistic culture.  There are many gods that
people worship, like the gods of wealth, pleasure, recognition,
and, most commonly, the god of self.  These are all false gods. 
They are idols that are powerless to meet our true needs and,
therefore, unworthy of our worship. 

When God gave the ten commandments to the Israelite’s,
 He wanted to establish from the beginning that He is an exclusive
God.  There are no other gods and therefore we should not
worship any other god.  The God of heaven is not supposed to be
one of our gods, not even if He is at the top of the list.  He is to
be our one and only God.  We claim to believe in only one God,
but do we live that way?