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Worship God: Accurately

Worship God: Accurately
Sunday AM

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The second of the ten commandment states, “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…” (Exodus 20:4) The Israelites were surrounded by religious cultures that centered on the worship of idols.  However, the Creator God cannot be accurately portrayed by any material image. God, therefore, forbid the use of statues or images in worship.  
Though bowing to statues is not a popular form of worship in America, many religious people are still guilty of worshipping a graven image.  In their minds, they have carved out their own god.  They have imagined that God is a certain way, rejecting the things they don’t like and adding in the things they think should be true about God.  They have built an image of God that does not accurately represent Him and that image is what they worship.  
Some people worship the graven image of a God who is only love and they refuse to accept that He is also a God of righteous wrath.  Some people go to the other extreme and worship a God who is all wrath.  Still others imagine that God’s exclusive attribute is grace.  All of these, and many other beliefs about God, are graven images. 
Every graven image is a misrepresentation of God.  In reality, God is more complex than any human can ever fully comprehend.  When we attempt to portray God as we see Him, we inevitably misrepresent God.  We must worship God for who He is as revealed to us by God in His Word, not what we imagine God to be like.  Simply put, we must worship God accurately.