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Why Prayer is not Heard

Why Prayer is not Heard

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Evangelist Ron Comfort
Ron Comfort was born in a Roman Catholic home in Elmira, New York. From the ages of seven to fifteen he sang on radio, television, stage, and in small night clubs. At the age of fifteen, in a city-wide crusade in Asheville, North Carolina, he was saved and immediately felt God’s call to preach
After working to pay his own way through seven years at Bob Jones Academy and University, Ron graduated and immediately entered full-time evangelism. He has continued in this ministry since 1961, having preached in forty-nine states and many foreign countries. The total number of crusades is well over 1,600.
Dr. and Mrs. Comfort have been married since 1963. God has blessed their home with three daughters and eight grandchildren. Mrs. Comfort serves in the team’s music ministry in both piano and vocal music. She also works in the children’s meetings and serves as team secretary
Dr. Comfort is the founder and chancellor of Ambassador Baptist College, Lattimore, North Carolina. The college was founded in 1989 for the express purpose of training men and women for full- time Christian service. ABC is known as an “old- fashioned, preacher-training Bible college,” in which each student is a Bible major completing at least sixty-five credit hours of Bible to receive a four-year degree. Close to 1,000 graduates and former students are now serving God around the globe in various aspects of ministry.
Dr. Comfort’s ministry has been characterized through the years by the abundant use of Scripture. Every crusade is geared for the family, and a strong emphasis is placed on godliness in the home.