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Who Is Your King?

Who Is Your King?
Sunday AM

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In Matthew’s account of the birth of Christ, we learn about a political leader who played an important role in the Christmas story, Herod, the King. When the wise men come from the east in search of the newly born King of the Jews, they logically went to see Herod in Jerusalem, assuming that he would know something about where to find the new King. Like most politicians, Herod did not like the idea of someone else taking over his position and so secretly devised a plan to get rid of this new rival.

Upon learning from the scribes where the prophesied Messiah was to be born, Herod sent the wise men to Bethlehem with instructions to report back to him once they found the new King. He claimed that he wanted to worship this new King too, but his real motive was to destroy the One he saw as a rival.

The Wise men found Jesus, but God warned them not to return to Herod. When he found out that the wise men had not obeyed his instructions, Herod was furious. He ordered that all the children two years old and under in and around Bethlehem be killed. But God warned Joseph to flee with Mary and Jesus to Egypt, saving Jesus from being murdered along with the other children.

Herod would not yield his throne to anyone else. He lied and murdered in the attempt to maintain his control. What lesson can we learn from Herod? That only the wicked refuse to be governed by God. Each of us must decide who is going to have control in our life. Are we going to insist on being the ruler of our destinies or will we yield the throne of our heart to the King of Kings? Jesus came as our Savior, but He also came as our Sovereign Ruler. We must yield control of our life to Him.