Philadelphia Baptist Church

To God Be The Glory

Philadelphia Baptist Church
To God Be The Glory

Philadelphia Baptist Church has been in existence for 
over 85 years.  The church has its roots near downtown 
Atlanta at the intersection Cameron Street and Kalb St. 
Today, you’ll find houses and I-20 on the land that once
 belonged Cameron Street Baptist Church, as we were 
then known.  

We are not sure when the church actually began, but the 
earliest records we have on file are from 1931. By 1936, 
our name had been changed to McDonald Memorial 
Baptist Church.  By 1959, the church name had been 
changed to Philadelphia Baptist Church and the decision 
had been made to become an independent Baptist church.  
During the next few decades, the church saw many blessings.  
A new property was purchased and the church relocated 
to Conyers in 1973.  A new church auditorium was 
constructed that year at a cost of $116,000.  In 1976, 
Philadelphia Christian School was started. And educational 
building was built in the early 80’s with a gymnasium being 
added later.  God’s blessing was evident as souls were saved 
and disciples were made.

In 2007, another chapter was opened for the church when 
an old school building on 26 acres in Rutledge was given to 
the church.  Eventually, both church and school were 
relocated.  For the last twelve years, we have prayed for 
God to allow us to sell the former property in Conyers in 
order to most effectively minister in this community.  We 
praise the Lord for what He has done in recent months in
 answer to those prayers.

Throughout the history of our church, there has been only
 one constant.  Our name has changed, our location has 
changed, our leadership has changed and our membership 
has changed.  But there is One who has not changed, the 
Lord Jesus Christ, and He is still the head of our church to 
this day.  As we celebrate the history of our church, we want
 to give all the glory to Jesus, the only One who deserves it.