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The Wisdom of Soul Winning

The Wisdom of Soul Winning
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The Wisdom of Soul Winning
We often use the term “soul winning” when referring to evangelistic efforts. The term comes from Proverbs 11:30 which says, “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise.” According to this verse, a soul winner is a wise person.
A person who wins a soul is wise because they understand how important their testimony is. Like it or not, unbelievers are going to judge the message of the gospel by the messenger who delivers it. If the way you live is out of line with the Gospel message that you claim to believe, people will see your hypocrisy and be pushed away.
A person who wins a soul is wise because they realize we are in a spiritual battle. “Winning” a soul is rescuing them from sin and Satan. This isn’t a elementary school field trip we are on. We are in a war. Soul winning isn’t a hobby we do for fun. It is a mission that we have been given to complete.
A person who wins a soul is wise because they know what is most important. The eternal souls of men are at stake. We can afford to lose many things. Truthfully, we can afford to lose all material things, so long as our soul is saved. The soul is priceless and a wise person knows that to win a soul is more important than any material gain.
A person who thinks they are wise but does not seek to win souls is deceived. They may have a lot of knowledge, but they have missed a key component of Godly wisdom. Godly wisdom seeks to win lost souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.