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The Suffering Savior

The Suffering Savior
Sunday AM

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There is a lot of suffering in this world, and all of it can be traced 
back to sin committed by man.  It is because of sin that we have pain, 
misery, and death, and it was man willfully choosing to disobey God 
that brought sin into the world.  
Thankfully, God is loving, gracious, and merciful.  He had a plan 
already in place to save man from sin and all of its miserable effects.  
He would send Jesus, the second Person of the Trinity, to come to 
earth and live as a man so that He could die in man’s place, paying 
the penalty for sin and defeating sin and death.  
You see, for the suffering to come to an end, the Savior had to come
 and suffer for us.  His suffering was, in fact, greater than any suffering
 that we will every experience because He is the sinless Son of God 
who did not deserve any of the sufferings that He endured.  And because 
He suffered for us and died in our place, we can be saved from our sins 
and His righteousness credited to us.  We deserve suffering, but instead, 
we are offered salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.  He suffered for us so that 
we could be saved through Him.