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The Sound of the Music

The Sound of the Music
Godly Music

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Music. It is amazing how this one area has become such a divisive issue in churches today.  Some churches have split over the issue.  Others have been built upon music.  Does God even care what kind of music we listen to?  Does He care what kind of music we have in the church?  God does care about music.  Listen to what one author said about the importance of music:

“Unlike all other art forms, music is specifically linked to God and God’s people.  The Bible never says that we are to come before His presence with sculpture – it says with singing.  Nor does it say that we are to be teaching and admonishing one another with oils and canvas – it says with Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.  In the book of Revelation, where John’s vision is recorded, the host of the redeemed did not perform a drama setting – it says they sung a new song.  Music is associated with God and His people from Genesis to Revelation…”

Some Christians do not realize how serious the issue of music is.  For almost two generations now we have been told that music is “amoral.” The philosophy goes something like this: “As long as they are singing for the Lord, I guess it doesn’t matter what it sounds like.  The music itself doesn’t really matter as long as the words are religious.”

Did you know that there is a direct connection between music and salvation?  When God saved you, He gave you a “new song.” (Psalm 40:3) A Christian’s music should be different from the world’s music both in how it sounds and in what it says.

Colossians 3:16 reveals to us the source of Godly music.  Godly music is sourced in the Word of God. God’s word must greatly influence our lives and produce music that glorifies God.