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The Soil and the Seed

The Soil and the Seed
Focus On the Fields

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In the parable of the sower, Jesus likened the kingdom
of heaven to a man sowing seed. As the farmer scattered
seeds around, the seeds fell on different kinds of soil.
The seed on the wayside soil never sprouted because the
birds ate it. The seed on the stony ground sprouted but
quickly withered because of the poor soil. The seeds
amongst the weeds grew but never bore fruit. The seeds
on the good ground grew and became fruitful.

When asked about the meaning of this parable, Jesus
explained that the seed represents the Word of God and
the soil represents the hearts of men. Not everyone
responds to the Gospel the same way. Some do not
believe. Some do believe but never grow. Some believe
and grow to become fruitful Christians.

There are two lessons we learn from this parable. The
first applies to our efforts to share the Gospel with others.
We must recognize that not everyone will respond to Gospel
with faith, but it is not our job to make people believe. We
sow the seed and trust God for the increase.

The second lesson is to be applied personally. We need to
consider what kind of soil the seed of the gospel has found
in our heart. If our heart is hardened, we need to break up
the fallow ground, soak it with the water of the Word, pull
the weeds of worldliness and allow God by His grace to grow
us into fruitful Christians. The Gospel growing in good soil
bears fruit that glorifies God.