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The Leading Light

The Leading Light
Sunday PM

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The Leading Light
One of the things that sets man apart from most of the animals is our ability to generate light.  It used to be that fire was our only source of light other than the sun, but now that we have electricity, we can generate light in many different ways.  We have night lights, flash lights, car lights, fridge lights, and lights on our cell phones.  People really enjoy having light.  The only time we really enjoy darkness is when we are asleep, but as soon as we are awake, we want light so that we can see where we are going.
As important as physical light is, the most important light that we need is spiritual light.  Not having physical light may handicap us, but to live without spiritual light truly disables us.  What is spiritual light and how can we receive it?  Spiritual light is the truth that God gives us through the Scripture.  Anyone can access this light, but it is up to each individual to choose to walk in that light. 
When we do walk in the light that God gives, we find that God guides us on the path to His perfect will and we have nothing to fear.  It may be dark all around us, but God will give us all the light we need to take the next step without stumbling.  This promise is a comfort to our hearts when troubled and lifts our spirits when we are depressed.   Praise the Lord for the light He gives!