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Speak To The Rock

Speak To The Rock

Moses had a tough job.  Time after time the
people complained to him that they were
hungry, thirsty and scared, and time after
time Moses patiently sought the Lord to
meet their needs and have mercy on them. 
But even the meekest of all men had a limit,
and there came a day when Moses had had
enough of the murmuring and complaining. 

In Numbers 20, we read about the children
of Israel at a place that would become
known as Meribah.  They are tired and
thirsty and they vented their frustrations
on Moses. God had previously provided
water for the people from a special rock
that Moses was commanded to strike. 
But this time, God told Moses to speak
to the rock.  Moses, in his anger and
frustration, smote the rock instead. 
Though it may seem to us like a minor
infraction, it was an act of doubt and
disobedience.  God punished Moses
for it by banning him from ever
entering into the Promised Land. 

This scene illustrates a valuable
spiritual truth for New Testament
Christians.  The Rock represents
Christ (1 Corinthians 10:4). Christ
was crucified once to give us the
living water we need for salvation. 
But as we live the Christian life, we
find that we need frequent refreshment
of our spirit.  We must come back to
the Rock for fresh water.  But we get
that water by asking in faith about
obedience, not by brute force.  When
you are spiritually thirsting and need
a drink of living water, all you have
to do is ask! Just speak to the Rock,
and He will quench your thirst.

Be Still And Know
Be Still And Know
Speak To The Rock