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Send the Light

Send the Light
Sunday AM

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One of the most well-known missions songs in our hymnals 
is the song “Send the Light.”  What does it mean when we say, 
“Send the Light”?  What or who is the light, and how do we
 “send” it anywhere?
Just like visible light can be broken into many different colors, 
the “light” that we are to send can be separated into three 
distinct parts.  
First and most importantly, Jesus is the light of the world.  
John 1:9 says, “That was the true Light, which lighteth every 
man that cometh into the world.”  Jesus, the Savior of the 
World, illuminates the darkened hearts and minds of sinners 
and gives them eternal life when they trust in Him.  
Second, the message of the gospel is light.  (see 2 Corinthians 
4:4-6)  The gospel is the message of Jesus.  It is light because, 
through the gospel, we have “the light of the knowledge of the
glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”   
Third, believers are called to be a light in the world.  We are
children of the light (Ephesians 5:8), and we are commanded 
to let our light shine. (Matthew 5:16)  We are a light in this 
world because, through us, God proves the sinfulness of the 
lost and their rebellion in rejecting salvation.  
What does it mean then to “send the light”?  It is whenever 
Christians deliver the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to
those who are in spiritual darkness.  When we pray that God 
will send the light, we are asking God to send us and use us to 
turn people from their spiritual blindness so that they will see 
the truth and trust Christ as their Savior.  This world is full of 
darkness; therefore, we must be the light that God commands 
us to be.