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Real Faith Works

Real Faith Works
Sunday AM

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There are some strange team mascots out there, 
but perhaps none stranger the mascot of Scottsdale 
Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their 
mascot is none other than the mighty…artichoke. 
Can you imagine yourself at a ball game screaming 
at the top of your lungs, “Go ‘Chokes!”

It is amusing sometimes the way some people go all 
out to show their support for their favorite team. Hats, 
shirts, jackets, car decals, coffee mugs, and whatever 
else are plastered with team logos and purchased by 
people who want everybody else to know who they 
are pulling for. They display their regalia to show 
whose side they are on.

Similarly, Christians are to display our “regalia” to 
show Whose side we are on. One of the essential 
pieces of the Christian’s regalia is good works (Matthew 5:16).

In the book of James, we are taught the importance 
of good works, not for salvation, but as evidence of 
salvation. Good works are the expression of genuine 
faith. James goes so far as to state that a faith that does
not produce good works is not genuine saving faith. 
Good works cannot save, but those who are saved must 
show good works.