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Ramifications of the Rapture

Ramifications of the Rapture
Sunday AM

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Today we live in a tumultuous time and any
time things around us get crazy we begin to think
about Bible prophesy. Any time a war comes up,
or any time a riot happens, we ask ourselves “is this
the end,” “will this be the beginning of the end of
 the world.” When will the Lord Jesus come back
and mightily intervene?

The answer to that is two-fold: yes and no. The
truth is that we can see things leading up to those
events but according to the Word of God the next
thing on Gods prophetic calendar is the rapture of
the Church. I Corinthians 15:52 describes the
rapture of the Church and tells us that at that time
the trumpet sounds and we shall be changed.

For those of us who are saved, the rapture is not
just something we look forward to. It is something
that ought to change our lives. And for the unsaved,
 the rapture of the Church has some ramifications as well.

Bible Prophesy is not given to tickle your imagination,
or to excite your sense of adventure. Bible prophesy is
given for the purpose of changing your life on a day to day basis.