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Sunday AM

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In the early morning hours of the Sunday after Jesus’ crucifixion, three ladies awoke while it was still dark with a special task in mind.  Things had been so hurried the day that Jesus died, that there was no time to anoint His body for burial properly.  They were not content, however, to let Jesus’ body lay without the dignity of a decent burial.  After gathering expensive perfumes used in a proper burial, they met and made their way to the tomb.  Between the three of them, they planned to move and unwrap the body of Jesus, apply the ointments, and then rewrap and reposition His body again.  
As they approached the tomb, with the light of the sun just beginning to shine over the horizon, they saw that the stone covering the tomb was moved aside! At first, they thought grave robbers had come and stolen Jesus’ body. As they came closer and peered into the tomb, they saw two angels who told them that Jesus had risen!
As the others went to tell the disciples, Mary Magdalene remained in the graveyard.  Tired and confused, she broke down crying.  That’s when she saw Jesus standing before her.  He asked, “Woman, why weepest thou? whom seekest thou?”
Mary, thinking that He was the man in charge of the graveyard, said, “Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.”
Jesus responded with a single word, her name. “Mary.”  Whether it was the tone in His voice or whether the tears had dried enough for her to see Him clearly again, for some reason Mary finally realized who was standing before her.  Her response was also a single word, a title of greatest honor. “Rabboni.”
As we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ, let us remember that He is not just a great teacher or a great man.  He is the greatest teacher and the greatest man to ever live on earth because He is God who became a man.  There is no one greater than Jesus, the Son of God, and His resurrection from the dead proves that He deserves our highest honor and most extreme devotion.