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Pigs or People

Pigs or People
Sunday AM

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God is still working miracles every day because
whenever God saves a soul, it is a miraculous thing. 
Those of us who know Christ as our Savior should
be thrilled whenever someone is saved and set free
from the power of Satan.  It is a tragedy if we get
so callous in our Christianity that we cannot rejoice
along with the angels in heaven when a sinner repents. 
But we must realize that there are those that will
not respond so favorably to what God does in saving
a person’s soul. 

The story of the demon possessed man recorded
in Luke 8 illustrates this lesson well.  Jesus encountered
this man who had been in bondage to Satan for a long
time and was feared by many of the people in the area. 
As a result of the encounter, the man was delivered from
the demons and became a believer in Jesus.   But rather
than rejoice with the man who had been delivered,
the townspeople became upset at Jesus and demanded
that He leave.  They were more upset about losing
swine than the saving of a soul.

On the other hand, the man who was delivered from
the demons was filled with gratitude. He wanted to
follow after Jesus but Jesus told him to go home and
tell others what Jesus had done for him.  The man
obeyed and proceeded to tell the whole city the story
of his deliverance.

As we work to win souls to Christ, we must remember
that not everyone will be happy about what we are
doing.  Some people are more concerned about the things
of this life that are temporary rather than things that are
eternal, like the souls of men.  It’s not our responsibility
to make everyone happy.  It’s our responsibility to obey
Jesus and share the message of deliverance, no matter what
others might say.