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How Will You Respond?

How Will You Respond?
Sunday AM

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In Judges chapter five, Debora records a song. It is a song of praise for God giving the Israelites victory over there enemies, the Canaanites. The battle is described for us in chapter four. However, chapter five gives many more interesting details to the account.  God had specifically commanded Israel to go and fight. God promised to be with them and deliver the Canaanites into their hand. The message of what God had said was sent out to each tribe. Unfortunately, there were three vastly different responses to the Word of the Lord.

Many of us have heard the truths of the Bible, and what God expects. How have we responded to that message from God? Sometimes we simply ignore it. Other times we are willing to make a commitment to obey, but end up failing to follow through. The response we should always have when it comes to the Word of God is complete surrender to what He asks of us. Full obedience, without delay, requires our complete and total surrender to our Savior. Let us examine our hearts today and ask ourselves, “How do I respond to the Word of God?”