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How to be a Fruitful Christian

How to be a Fruitful Christian
Sunday AM

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In John 15:1-8, we read where Jesus beautifully
illustrates our vital connection to Himself using
the image of a vine and its branches. The
branch must stay connected to the vine for the
life of the vine to flow throw the branch and
produce fruit. In the same way, we must abide
in Christ and allow Him to work through us to
produce the spiritual actions and attitudes that
God wants. When we do, God is glorified
through our life.

“Herein is my Father glorified, that ye bear
much fruit; so shall ye be my disciples.” (John 15:8)

We know that we are dependent on Christ
for everything. Without Him, we can do
nothing. (see verse 5). We know that God
wants us to lead spiritually productive lives
for His glory. He does not want us to be
barren and unfruitful. So, what are some
practical steps that we can take to make
sure that we are “abiding in Christ” and
therefore are being fruitful Christians?

There are at least four steps outlined in
John 15:1-8 that we must take if we are
going to be fruitful Christians. We must
first be sure of our salvation. Then, must
be consistent in our daily fellowship with
God. Next, we must depend on God for
everything. And finally, we must obey
God in all things.

Do not think of these as a formula that
guarantees fruitfulness but rather
expressions of our abiding relationship
with Christ. It is not through our own
effort that we produce spiritual fruit.
It is through the life of Christ working
in us by the power of the Holy Spirit
that produces fruit in our lives to the
glory of God. All we can do is abide
in Him and let Him do the work.