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Change For The Better

Change For The Better
Sunday AM

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Some years ago, Taco Bell had an advertising
campaign that featured the slogan, “Change is
Good.” Commercials would show people paying
for their and receiving change back to highlight
how affordable their meals were. Who doesn’t
like that kind of change?

But, for the most part, people don’t like
change in general. We like things to be
“consistent,” and for us that means that
things stay the same. It gives us a sense
of comfort because we know what to
expect. When things change, we are
taken out of our comfort zone. We get
uneasy because we have a harder time
predicting what is going to happen.

Resistance to change can easily become
a hindrance in our life. By definition,
you cannot improve unless you do something
different. You cannot grow unless you
become something different than you are
right now. Our stubborn refusal to be different
than we already are causes us to stop growing
and improving and to become stagnant.

This is most dangerous when it affects our
spiritual life. When we become content with
how much we have grown spiritually and when
we settle for our current comfort zone instead
of seeking to “grow in grace and in the
knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ”
our Christianity has become stale.

2 Corinthians 3 contains important instructions
about Changing for the Better. God’s plan for
believers is that they be constantly changing to
become more like Jesus. The Spirit, the
Scriptures and the Savior all play major roles
in this change. God the Holy Spirit uses the
Scripture to progressively change us to be more
like the Savior, but only when we yield to His
working in our life. We must be changing to
be more like Jesus or we are missing the point
of the Christian life.