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Born To Be A Witness

Born To Be A Witness
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Early on the morning of Jesus’ death, the angry Jews brought Him before Pilate in order to obtain permission to execute Him. It was alleged that Jesus was attempting to establish an earthly kingdom in opposition to Rome. John 18:37 records for us the exchange that followed:
“Pilate therefore said unto him, Art thou a king then? Jesus answered, Thou sayest that I am a king. To this end was I born, and for this cause came I into the world, that I should bare witness unto the truth. Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice.”
On that day He was to die on the cross, Jesus stated that the reason He was born in the first place was to “bear witness” (literally, “be a martyr for”) the truth. Jesus was born to die for us, but He was also born so that we might see in Him a perfect example of the One Who was filled with the truth, fear in His words absolute truth and observe from His life what it is to live perfectly according to that truth.
As a follower of Jesus, you have been called to bear witness of the truth, firmly proclaim the truth and faithfully live according to the truth.