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Biblical Communication

Biblical Communication
Sunday PM

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One of the most challenging aspects of building a happy marriage is learning to communicate with your spouse. Two factors make Biblical communication between a husband and a wife something that does not come naturally.First, men and women communicate differently. Men are generally factual, rational, and solution oriented thinkers and talkers. Women are generally more intuitive, emotional and process-oriented thinkers and talkers. Men usually worry more about what was said where women tend to focus on how it was said. Neither men or women are wrong in how they communicate. God created both with those tendencies. But both are incomplete in the way they communicate. Husbands need to learn from the way their wives talk and wives need to learn from the way their husbands talk.The second factor that makes Biblical communication difficult is sin. While God created man and woman differently, sin has corrupted what God made as perfect, and that directly affects what we say, how we say it and how we perceive what others say.In order to overcome these hurdles in our marriages, we must go to God’s word and learn how God wants us to communicate.