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Ananias and Sapphria

Ananias and Sapphria
Sunday AM

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There are many Bible stories that I would love 
to see happen again today, but there are some 
that would be quite frightening to witness.  The 
story of Ananias and Sapphira record in Acts 5 
is one that falls into that latter category.  It is quite 
shocking how severely God dealt with their sin 
by bringing sudden death upon them both, but 
we know that whatever God does, He does it for
 a good reason. 

Ananias and Sapphira did more than lie about how
 much they sold their land for.  They were, 
apparently, more concerned about pleasing their s
elves while maintaining a false image of spirituality.  
They yielded to a Satanic suggestion, allowing the 
Devil an inroad to harm the church through their 
sin.  They endangered the entire church by their 
ill-conceived and self-centered publicity stunt. 

God takes it seriously when the church is 
threatened.  We must be vigilant against Satan’s 
attacks.  We cannot allow him to use us as a tool 
to disrupt and distract the church from its primary 
objectives of evangelizing the lost and edifying the
believers. If we become the source of Satan’s 
influence in the church, it may be that God will
 take drastic measures to remove us in order to 
protect His church.