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An Unexpected Answer

An Unexpected Answer
Sunday AM

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Does it surprise you when God answers your prayers?  
It shouldn’t.  God has given us so many promises in 
scripture regarding our prayers that it should not come 
as a shock to us when we witness God do something that
 we have asked Him to do.   Answered prayer is supposed 
to be the rule of the Christian life, not the exception, yet 
many Christians struggle to believe that God will answer 
their prayers. 

Thankfully, we serve a gracious and a merciful God Who 
wants our faith to grow.  One of the ways that God helps 
us overcome our doubt is by answering our prayers.  
When we pray in faith, and God answers, that encourages 
us to have faith more often and about more things.  
Through that cycle of praying and seeing answers to prayer, 
our faith grows.

In Acts 12, we find a story that wonderfully illustrates this truth.  
The early church was facing a crisis of persecution.  Peter was
 in prison and was in danger of being executed.  So the church 
did the right thing; they called a prayer meeting.  God heard their 
prayers, and miraculously answered, but at first, they didn’t believe 
it had really happened. 

From this story, we learn that when we face times of crisis in our 
personal lives, in our families, or in our church, we must go to the 
Lord in prayer. We must ask in faith, and when God answers, we 
should not be surprised.  We serve a God who delights in answering 
our prayers so that our faith in Him will grow.